These photos, taken from unlabelled negatives, show a 1940s-era steam shovel at work, somewhere in the Newcastle area. But are they photos of quarrying or railway construction? And where might they be? Is it Hodge’s gravel quarry at Teralba, or is it Cardiff, Jesmond, or somewhere else? Any ideas gratefully received.
Nanjing Night Net

Many readers identified last week’s photograph (fourthin above gallery)as the pedestrian underpass beneath the coal railway line at the corner of Berner and Merewether streets, Merewether. The photo brought back memories of Patrick’s shop (glimpsed in the photo, behind the underpass), of the coal trains that ran through the playground of The Junction school and of Tracey’s stables, where the horses were slow except when they were coming home.

Last week’s Picture of the Past.