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Monthly Archives: December 2018

I DO not refer to motorcycle riders here, but the 30 to 40 pushbike riders who turn out of Newline Road, straight through the ‘‘give way’’ sign without even slowing, to spread on to both sides of the road.
Nanjing Night Net

I refer to the group that exit Government Road, through the ‘‘give way’’ sign, without slowing, screaming abuse at any car or motorcycle that doesn’t stop to let them through.

I refer to the ones that deliberately swerve at the ‘‘lollipop’’ staff at my local primary school, as they walk little ones across the pedestrian crossing.

I refer to the lyrca and latte set who leave their bikes blocking the footpaths in Hamilton.

Or those that ride on the footpaths themselves.

Or even just those who ride straight through red lights.

If you want the protection of the law, first follow it!

I say: enforce registration and the carrying of photo ID.

Steve Call,


AUSGRID’S decision to sell its solar-generating plant and Kooragang wind turbine (‘‘Gone with the wind’’ Herald 31/5) is a symbol of how dire our renewable energy future is in our current political circumstance.
Nanjing Night Net

With a record number of Greens in Parliament (whom propped up this federal government), the world’s highest carbon tax, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation that costs the taxpayer $2billion a year and numerous failed state schemes, Ausgrid’s bottom line is telling it to walk away from renewables.

The writing is on the wall.

The private sector and market forces are at the heart of a sustainable energy future, not big-spending governments and rent-seeking politicians.

Aaron Johnson,


EDDIE McGUIREONE has to wonder who the real Eddie McGuire is.
Nanjing Night Net

Is he the PR-managed charitable champion of indigenous causes as he decried at his press conference?

Or could he be a racist, sexist, bigoted homophobe as I see evidenced by his Adam Goodes ‘‘ape’’ comment?

Or his description of an Olympic ice skater’s costume as ‘‘Brokeback’’ in reference to the film about gay cowboys?

Or his labelling of western Sydney as being the ‘‘Land of the falafel’’? Or his apparent threat to ‘‘bone’’ a female TV reporter? Will the real Eddie McGuire please stand up?

Philip Niddrie,


Download a printable copy of Weekender’s Blockbuster crossword and solution.
Nanjing Night Net

Click here for the crossword

Click here for the solution

Short but sweet, this little dog knows how to put a spring in his step. It is Friday after all!
Nanjing Night Net